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Who is Farnaz Ohadi? 

Vancouver-based Tehran-born artist, Farnaz is an internationally recognized singer, songwriter and dancer in Persian Flamenco. To learn more about Farnaz, visit About Farnaz.

Who are Mashregh Ensemble? 

Mashregh stands for 'East' in Farsi, representative of the group's founder's origin (Iran). The ensemble represents a new sound, unique in its genre of world music; flamenco rhythms combined with transcending Persian poetry that is at once contemplative and rejuvenating. Mashregh Ensemble will often welcome many renowned local and visiting guest artists.

The ensemble includes following artists:

Farnaz Ohadi (Singer/Song writer/ Artistic Director)
Josue Tacoronte Otero (Composer/Flamenco Guitar)
Amir Amiri (Composer/Santour)
Michael Rush (Composer/Bass)
Hanser Santos Gomez (Percussion)
Sydney Cochrane (Choreographer/Flamenco Dance)

What is "Persian Flamenco"? 

This genre of music is a seamless conversation between Persian and Flamenco music which Farnaz has been working on over 20 years. To learn more, visit About Farnaz

Where can I catch a show? 

You can find the latest performances and live events with Farnaz here

What is Farnaz's discography?

  1. “Persian Dance" - 2016 
  2. “Farnaz Ohadi, Live in concert" - 2018 
  3. Azadi.Libertad - Live - 2020
  4. Azadi.Libertad in Studio - 2021 (Upcoming)
  5. "I am your breath" - 2022 (upcoming)

How long does it take for my purchases to arrive? 

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Can I return an item? 

While all sales are final, if you receive a product in damaged conditions, please contact us. For more information, please visit Refund Policy

What is Farnaz working on right now? 

Follow Farnaz on social media for frequent updates and announcements.