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About Farnaz

Farnaz is a Tehran-born Vancouver-based artist who is recognized for her pioneering efforts of redefining an upcoming fusion genre: "Persian Flamenco"

Since age 5, Farnaz found herself gravitated towards music, playing the piano and listening to her father's flamenco cassettes in their Tehran apartment. It was a fateful trip to Spain at age 13 that restated her obsession with flamenco. It wasn't until 5 years later when she moved to Canada, put her oppressed past behind and finally started discovering her artistic desires.

This marked the beginning of a life-long creative journey: rigorous operatic voice trainings, Persian classical/traditional and folk singing, flamenco dancing and flamenco singing.  

After years of exploration and mastery, Farnaz worked towards introducing a completely new genre of music defined by Persian Poetry and Flamenco Rhythms, all with the aim of speaking to the women of Iran. Her efforts led to the creation and release of her debut album: Bird Dance. 

The album tells a story of a 12 year-old girl gazing out the window at the birds that danced across the evening sky. For the young Farnaz, life in Iran was a cage. Watching the birds, she longed to be free.

The album narrative features a talented girl born in a country that prohibits women from singing and dancing in public or before male audiences. It emphasizes Farnaz’s sense of feeling larger than life and her ache for freedom from the cage. The third track, “Hesar”, speaks of Farnaz’s feelings of isolation and loneliness that so often accompany an immigrant’s arrival in a new country. The album concludes in the song ,“Vatan,” which showcases an artist that has found her peace and voice and is ready to heal the suffering of her homeland with the delight and ecstasy of music.

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Farnaz has released her new album Azadi.Libertad in 2020 which is available for order.